Social Media Makeover Video Edition: Security 101, Arby’s and Fiserv

Social Media Makeover Forum: Security 101What advice would you give Security 101 – a small business and franchisor wanting to use social media to manage its B2B and B2C engagement strategy?

That’s a key question that Arby’s Josh Martin and Fiserv’s Nicole Fields address as we kick of the video version of the Social Media Makeover Forum. Our goal is to help small and mid-sized companies take their social engagement to the next level.

Security 101 is a small Atlanta-based firm providing integrated security systems for businesses. Security 101 has 21 employees in Atlanta and have started franchising in different markets around the country. They are seeking advice on how to extend their Facebook and Twitter presence as they engage with customers, prospects and potential franchise owners.

In our first segment, I am joined by Security 101 Owner and Co-Founder Chris Wise.

As you can tell from their links (WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebookLinkedinYouTube), Security 101 has taken the plunge and created channels, but they don’t feel they are not using them as effectively as they want.

  • They want more engagement and lead generation.
  • Beyond the issue of bandwidth, they are trying to balance content for potential customers and potential franchises.
  • They have a challenging time maintaining consistency.
  • They are looking to create more content and engagement at the local franchise level.

In segment 2, I am joined by Nicole Fields Social Media Manage at Fiserv and Josh Martin Manager, Social Media at Arby’s.

Josh is a great fit given his background and the role that franchises play in Arby’s social media strategy. Nicole bringst the B2B perspective given that Fiserv is a provider of technology solutions to the financial world, including banks, credit unions, securities processing organizations, insurance companies.

On Thursday, we will explore extending engagement and measuring success and do a wrap up with Chris to get his take on the makeover and what his next steps will be.

 Security 101 Profile

Security 101 are the experts in providing integrated security systems. Security 101 engineers, installs, operates, monitors, manages and maintains sophisticated security solutions for our commercial clients. As a franchisor, they have developed and executed proven methods to help those who have an interest in owning their own Security Systems Integration company. Their systems have been developed and used for over 20 years and have allowed their company and their current franchises to rapidly grow their business.









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