Social Media Makeover Sneak Peek: Medichest

SMB Social Media Makeover Forum: Charlotte

Mediachest: Looking to stand out from the competition

Our final sneak peak video is Charlotte’s Medichest – an ecommerce site focused on health and beauty products. They will be the third small business to receive a consultation at the SMB Social Media Media Makeover in Charlotte on May 8th.

They will get advice from Becca Bernstein, Social Media Marketing Manager, Picaboo; Debbie Curtis Magley, Public Relations Manager, UPS; and Doug Caldwell, Vice President, Social Media Program Manager, Wells Fargo.

The lessons learned from this session will focus on building a social media strategy and competing with larger better funded sites. 

Here is a short interview with Medichest President Mitch Kranes explaining his social media challenges and what he hopes to get out of the Forum.


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