Social Media Makeover Advice: Seth Miller – Turner Entertainment

Seth Miller - SMB Social Media Makeover ForumSeth Miller @mostlymuppet is a marketing technologist for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM)…And a speaker at the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum in Atlanta on November 8th.

Seth is responsible for social media strategy and tactical implementation. His duties include maintaining Twitter presences for the networks and serving as administrator of several Facebook and MySpace pages. He also handles mobile, email and video distribution.

Miller joined Turner Broadcasting in 1999. He previously served as an interactive producer/project manager for He also worked in corporate communications.

Get Seth Miller's perspective at SMB Social Media Makeover Forum

Seth’s Biggest Makeover Lesson

“Social Media moves at the speed of life, it never sleeps and, like an elephant, it never forgets. Be prepared to react through research & response all day, every day. Also: you’re going to make mistakes. Instead of trying to cover them up, admit that you’re human, apologize, learn something and move on. I’m being very zen, but you can never step in the same river twice as the water will have rushed past you. Same thing for Social Media.”

Most Mistake By a Social Media Newbie

“Trying to cover up or erase a mistake. Once it’s out in the ether, there is no Ctrl-Z, ‘Undo,’ Reset button or ‘do over.’ Admit you made a mistake, succumb to the limits of your own humanity, and ask how you can do better next time. Be prepared to hear the feedback AND take action on it.”

Best Makeover Tip

In an echoing a theme raised that Michael Erickson raised  Monday : “Be personable, pertinent and INTERESTING. If all you do is talk about yourself, link to yourself and retweet yourself, people will correctly identify you as a narcissist. Be sociable, sincere & interesting. Social Media is like a party, so get out there and mingle.”



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