About the Forum


SMB Social Media Makeover Forum

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Previously  held in Atlanta and Charlotte, the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum is designed to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) take their social engagement to the next level.

These highly interactive, half-day events feature SMBs who have at least a year of social media experience. Each of these companies gets a makeover consultation from a panel of leading Fortune 1000 brands and successful small businesses in front of an audience of small business owners, marketing professionals, non-profits, and government agencies.

For attendees, it’s an opportunity to gain practical advice and valuable insights from successful  social media practitioners and learn from the experiences of other small businesses across different industries. Like you, attendees are grappling with how to effectively engage customers, prospects and influencers using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and other social media properties.

Makeover candidates must fill out an application that asks about their social media activity, reasons for their Session 3 - Social Media Makeover Forumdissatisfaction with their results to date, and what they hope to achieve from a makeover.

We don’t rely on Power Point presentations. The power of the Forum is the exchange of ideas in an unscripted venue where the goal is to share advice and best practices using real case studies in the making.

Something New!  Based on audience feedback, we adding two 2 segments to our program which we call the Makeover Counter. These workshops are deeper dives — designed to apply lessons from the makeover consultations directly to your efforts to generate leads and grow your business.


Some of the key takeaways from the Forum include:

  • Set realistic expectations of social media
  • Define a strategy that complements business objectives
  • Prepare the management team for the implications of social media
  • Share ideas for making content more engaging
  • Understand the best metrics to measure impact and results


Social Media MakeoverAs an attendee, you will walk away with greater clarity on practical and innovative ways to use this new and ever changing channel of communication. You will also feel more confident knowing you are not alone when it comes to figuring out how to make social media work for you.


In 2012, we are planning to take the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum to:

  • Charlotte – completed
  • Denver – September 20th