How Much Is Too Much Social Media?

Finding the Right Balance to Your Social MediaWhen does more Tweeting become overkill? When It Comes to Social Media, How Much Is too Much? That’s the question that FOX Business reporter Jeffrey Gangemi poses while exploring social media automated tools.

Maximizing impact is the name of the social media game – especially for time-strapped, resource-poor small businesses. But it’s also a balancing act to avoid audience backlash from over messaging. It’s like a child building the highest stack of blocks possible without tumbling the column over.

The growing number of low cost and free tools out there to automate your social media activities only increases the temptation to exceed your limit.

Helpful hint: Check out 4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools and How to Use Them by Kristi Hines @kikolani. But be wary of quick fixes as they can lead to audience brand fatigue.

So how do you successfully manage that automated social media balancing act?

Begin with trajectory. As Jeffrey writes, “If the number of mentions, clicks, and re-tweets your content gets is increasing, then keep it going. If it’s dropping, it may be time to throttle back.”

But it’s more than just trajectory. Successful engagement is not just about quantity and exposure.  You need to assess sentiment along the way and whether you are achieving your desired business objectives.

Engagement is not just about pumping out content; sometimes it’s about resolving customer issues.  When customer has a problem, the last thing he or she wants is an automated response.

In short, automating content must be filtered through experience and marketing savvy.  As with any tool, you need to know its limits.





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