Take the Enterprise B-2-smb Social Media Assessment

Enterprise B-2-smb Social Media Assessment

Social media is changing the way the enterprise interacts with small and mid-sized businesses and how customers want vendors to engage with them. How effective is your social media when engaging with SMB customers prospects? Is it helping your sales and marketing teams generate more leads? Is it leading to greater customer satisfaction? Take this Enterprise B-2-smb Social Media Assessment.  … [Read more...]

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts When Engaging SMB IT Professionals

B2smb Social Media Conference: Spiceworks

Enterprise companies take note. Social media matters when small businesses evaluate vendors. But before you start running to Twitter and Quora, take moment to make sure you understand the small business social media mindset. For some insights, I turned to Nic Tolstoshev online community manager at  Spiceworks @spiceworks - an online community of over 2 million SMB IT professional that helps businesses discover, buy and manage more than $350 billion worth of technology products and services each year. … [Read more...]

B2smb Social Media Speaker Profile: Microsoft’s Michael Westgate

B2smb Social Media Conference: Michael Westgate

How can enterprise companies use social media to manage their relationships with small business customers? How can they be more effective? Those questions are the central focus of an afternoon panel at the B2smb Social Media Conference moderated by Peter Fasano. Microsoft's Michael Westgate will be one of the panelists. He'll share his perspective as senior customer marketing manager of their US Small and Midsize Business Organization. responsible for customer acquisition and social media strategy, design of digital campaigns and programming, content, and engagement for Microsoft’s SMB social properties. … [Read more...]

B2smb Social Media Conference Speaker Profile: NCR’s Sundeep Kapur

Check out this interview with Sundeep Kapur - director of strategic marketing and commerce at NCR.  The video insights on how and why NCR uses social media to reach small businesses. Sundeep will be one of the panelists at the B-2-smb Social Media Conference in Atlanta. He be joining experts from AT&T and Sage in discussing how enterprise companies are using social media to better understand and engage their small business customers.     … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips for the Enterprise to Drive Small Business Sales

Shedding Light on Ways for Social Media to Improve SMB Sales

If you ever questioned the value of social media to drive small business sales, pay attention to Seth Roseman in this YouTube video. He's president of Payless Decor - an Atlanta based small business specializing in window blinds and shades. His time is short and his resources limited; so when he's making important purchase decisions, he turns to social media for guidance … [Read more...]

SMB Social Media Makeover Forum Denver Key Takeaways

SMB Social Media Makeover Forum: Denver

The SMB Social Media Makeover Denver is in the books, and I want to thank the attendees, sponsors and partners for making the event a success. The consultations with House Lights Media and Partner Colorado Credit Union provide some useful actionable advice for  any small businesses trying to take their engagement to the next level. Here are the SMB Social Media Makeover Forum Denver key takeaways.  … [Read more...]

Small Business Lead Generation One Tag at a Time

Prospecting in the SMB Market

The SMB market presents a distinct challenge for the enterprise looking to generate leads; it's growing and lucrative, but it's very hard to identify and prioritize prospects. Qualified leads are veritable needles in the haystack. In seeking to help enterprise companies use social media to improve small business lead generation, I came across Radius Intelligence @radius. … [Read more...]

Social Media Makeover Forum Denver Winner: Partner CO Credit Union

Social Media Makeover Forum - PCCU

When it comes to social media, is your small business strapped for time? Looking for a strategy to grow your base? These are some of the questions that Denver-based Partner Colorado Credit Union will be asking as the second winner of Social Media Makeover Forum Denver. This 81 year old small business will receive a real time makeover consultation to jumpstart its current efforts. … [Read more...]

Denver Social Media Makeover Forum: Lead Generation for Small Business

Travis Campbell

For many small and midsized businesses I have spoken to, social media comes down to having more, as in more fans, more viewers and more followers. They may have a number in mind, but more often than not, it's not tied to a strategy that turns leads into sales. Sound familar? It does to Travis Campbell @travisnow Small Business Growth Expert and a Colorado Regional Development Director at Infusionsoft. He will be leading one of  the two Makeover Counter Workshops at the upcoming SMB Social Media Makeover Forum in Denver on September 20. Travis will explore ways to integrate social media into an overall lead generation and sales conversion strategy.  … [Read more...]

Social Media Makeover Forum Denver Winner: House Lights Media


Lights, camera, action...distribution, social media. That best describes what House Lights Media (HLM) is hoping to discuss as one of the two makeover recipients at the upcoming SMB Social Media Makeover Forum Denver. HLM is a distributor of independent films, and like many small businesses, needs advice on how to use their social media efforts to drive awareness and generate sales. … [Read more...]